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WATCH LIVE: President Biden addresses Afghanistan evacuation efforts amid Taliban takeover

Thousands of Americans are still trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.
A top White House adviser calls scenes from Afghanistan difficult and heartbreaking.
However, Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said “chaos” was expected after the rapid collapse of Afghan security forces and the nation’s government.
The Taliban essentially took control of the country in less than two weeks.
Bedingfield noted President Biden has directed the Pentagon to “get every American out of Afghanistan who wants to get out,” along with Afghan allies.

But, there are reports that the Biden administration was warned of a collapse of Afghanistan after troop withdrawal months ago when diplomats from the Embassy in Kabul sent a classified memo in July to the State Department including Secretary of State Antony Blinken warning of a Taliban takeover.

President Biden is headed to Delaware for another vacation today after he updates the nation on Afghanistan.