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Watch live: Joe Biden addresses country as future 46th president elect

President-elect Joe Biden will tell America tonight that it is “turn the page, to unite, to heal.” Biden will address the nation Monday night after the Electoral College voted to confirm him as the 46th president elect.

“In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed,” Biden will say, according to the excerpts. “We the people voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And so, now it is time to turn the page. To unite. To heal.”

Biden is set to speak at 7:30 p.m. ET Monday from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Click here to watch Biden speak.

The President-elect intends to lay out the work that will dominate the early days of his administration: the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, including distributing vaccines and slowing its spread as those vaccines become available, and rebuilding an economy battered by the pandemic.