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WATCH LIVE: First January 6th Committee Hearing

A House select committee made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans opens an investigation into the January 6th attack on the Capitol this morning.
The committee will hear from four police officers who were there. Two members of the U.S. Capitol Police and two from Washington, DC’s Metropolitan Police will talk to the committee today about what they experienced defending the Capitol.
Ousted GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney is expected to give an opening statement and says she agreed to serve on the committee to ensure that type of attack never happens again and to hold the appropriate people accountable.

Cheney is one of just two Republicans named to the committee by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The other is Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger.
Democrat Stephanie Murphy of Florida says having two republicans on the committee shows that there are some Republicans who care about the truth.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy yesterday referred to those two members of his own party as “Pelosi Republicans.”