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WATCH LIVE: Dr. Fauci and CDC director testify before Senate committee

President Biden’s top two health experts are testifying before a Senate committee today. Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky are defending the federal response to COVID variants.
Meanwhile, the U.S. reported one-point-35-million new coronavirus infections Monday, the most ever in a single day anywhere in the world.
Senators are taking a close look at the growing COVID variant surge. Washington state Democrat Patty Murray opened a hearing and called this a difficult time in America.
She said the Omicron variant is continuing an unprecedented march across the U.S. and is overwhelming the healthcare system.
Murray argued the government has the tools to deal with the crisis and urged everyone to get fully vaccinated and boosted.
North Carolina Republican Richard Burr said the American people are demanding answers and accountability.

Burr cited skyrocketing levels of new cases, calling it “staggering.” He also noted long lines across the U.S. for COVID testing and the ongoing lack of availability of in-home test kits. Burr said the Biden administration has “squandered opportunities” to combat the surges. He also ripped changing CDC guidelines, calling them confusing.