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WATCH LIVE: Coronavirus Task Force Update to Nation

Under a bill the Trump administration is pitching to Congress, Americans could get a check in the mail sometime soon. The bill is part of an economic stimulus package to ease the financial pain of the coronavirus pandemic. The Washington Post reports the plan would provide two payments of a thousand dollars each to many Americans. The bill calls for the first payments to be issued beginning April 6th, with another wave of payments beginning May 18th.

The ink is barely dry on a coronavirus relief bill, but one Florida lawmaker is already working on another bill. Republican Senator Marco Rubio told Fox News last night he’s working on a bigger stimulus bill than the one President Trump signed yesterday. One of the problems Rubio has with the current bill is that it gives businesses no money to pay workers sick leave.

The C-D-C is detailing a number of missteps at the Life Care Center in Washington state that became the first epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. Nearly three dozen deaths from the virus where linked to that senior facility. The report said staffers who worked at the facility went on to work a second shift at another facility, helping the virus spread.

The president could make an exciting announcement today in conjunction with the FDA about a possible medical treatment.

President Trump is bringing home an American citizen who was wrongfully imprisoned in Lebanon. Speaking with reporters at the White House, Trump said Amer Fakhoury has been released and is on his way home. Trump said he is “grateful” to the Lebanese government and he has no higher priority than the safety and well-being of U.S. citizens. While in detention in Beirut, it was discovered that Fakhoury was suffering from Stage 4 cancer. Fakhoury is a small business owner in New Hampshire.