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WATCH: Heart-Wrenching Video of Child Threatening to Kill Himself over Bullying

A nine-year-old Australian boy’s pleas to give him a knife so he can kill himself due to cruel bullying is going viral. “I’ve got a son that is suicidal almost every single day. Every time there is a triggering – anything that happens at school or while we’re in public, which is almost every time we’re in public,” said his concerned mom. Bayles’ video has garnered 12 million views by Thursday. Quaden Bayles was born with a condition that causes dwarfism and was filmed by his mother crying and saying he wanted a knife so he could kill himself. Fellow Australian Hugh Jackman offered his friendship, sending Quaden a personal video telling the boy he’s stronger than he knows and that bullying is not OK.

Eric Trump and Megyn Kelly also sent messages of support. People around the world have already donated more than $201-thousand so Quaden can go to Disneyland. Click here to donate.