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WATCH: 10′ gator takes an Easter stroll through a Florida neighborhood

(AP Photo/J Pat Carter)

The Sarasota Co. Sheriff’s Office was called out to reports of a 10 foot alligator lumbering across front lawns in a Venice neighborhood on Easter Sunday.

Deputies kept watch on the gator as it walked through the Harrington Lake neighborhood and requested the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission send officers to trap it.

Before FWC could respond the alligator disappeared into a neighborhood lake where officials suspect it is still lurking.

Residents have been warned that the gator is still in the area and to be cautious around the lake.

Officials recommend that all Floridians be cautious around lakes and ponds, particularly in the morning and at dusk when alligators may be active and hunting for food.

People with small dogs should be especially cautious in such areas as they resemble common prey for alligators.