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Walgreens employee kills teen co-worker who rejected him

Colorado Springs Police Department
Colorado Springs Police Department

A 28-year-old Colorado man is now behind bars after he reportedly killed his co-worker because she rejected his advances.
The incident occurred at a Walgreens just outside Colorado Springs on June 11th.
Authorities say a manager found the 17-year-old victim’s body around 6:55 p.m. inside the breakroom after she did not return from her break.
Police say the victim had a substantial amount of blood and trauma to her neck area. They also noticed blood on the walls, floor, cabinets, and counter inside the room.
The manager told police that the victim had an issue with a fellow employee named Joshua Johnson, and that Johnson was seen on surveillance earlier that day stacking crates to block the break room camera’s view.
The manager said that Johnson had been warned to keep his conduct professional with the victim almost a year ago after the victim complained that his advances made her uncomfortable.
According to one manager, Johnson appeared to understand the warning but another manager told police that Johnson seemed to “act jealous” especially when the victim’s boyfriend joined the team three months ago.
Authorities were also told that the victim recently requested a schedule where she would not work when Johnson was on shift. The request was granted but later requested overtime and was informed that she would encounter Johnson.
Colorado State Patrol troopers located Johnson walking along the interstate a day after the murder. Johnson appeared to have scratch marks on both his face and his hands.
When authorities asked him how he got the marks, he told them he was attacked at Walgreens.
Once troopers were notified that Johnson was a suspect in a murder, they took him into custody.
During questioning, Johnson admitted to being in the break room but claimed he left after slipping in blood. He also denied attempting to obstruct surveillance cameras.
Johnson was taken into custody where he is charged with one count of first-degree murder.