Voter Registration Deadline Today In 19 States Including Florida

US Elections Concept - United States Flag and Vote Badges 3D Illustration

If you have not registered to vote in the November 6th midterm election, today is the last day to do so in 19 states.
Those include Arizona, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky and others.
In some states, voters can register online.
In others, people can register on the day of the election. You can check when the deadline in your state is by visiting

And a pop star has sparked a voter registration spike. Who knew that an Instagram post from Taylor Swift would turn the world of politics on its head like this?
Because of her IG post supporting Democrats, voter registration in her home state of Tennessee has spiked dramatically!
“We are up to 65,000 registrations in a single 24-hour period since T. Swift’s post,” said Kamari Guthrie of

This spike is second only to the number of people who visited the site to register on National Voter Registration Day back on September 25.
Since Swift’s post supporting two Tennessee Democrats, she’s caught the criticism of Mike Huckabee and the President himself. To which Guthrie says, “Thank God for Taylor Swift.”
What do you think of Taylor’s Instagram post about registering to vote? Do you believe more celebrities should speak out about political issues?



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