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Volunteer dive group finds body of missing teen

Placer County Sheriff's Office
Placer County Sheriff’s Office

SACRAMENTO, CA– A volunteer dive group from Oregon has found the body of a 16-year-old who disappeared during a party nearly two weeks ago.
The group, Adventures With Purpose, located the body of Kiely Rodni in the Prosser Creek Reservoir, just a few hundred yards away from where she was last seen.
“Car is upside down in only 14’ of water,” the group wrote. “We have CONFIRMED Kiely is inside. Family Notified. Law Enforcement on their way.”
Rodni was reported missing on Aug. 6th after she did not return home from a graduation party at a campground.
A friend told police that the party got out of hand with over 100 people attending, drinking, and doing drugs.
“There was a lot of guys that did approach us,” Larson, who was with Rodni, said. “Definitely, I was getting a gut feeling that during that party that something, something just didn’t feel right with the number of people that were there and how old some of these people were.”
The friend also told investigators that though it was a high school graduation party, some people were way older.
Rodni’s best friend Sami also told investigators that they had been “partying” and Rodni was way too drunk to drive herself home so she planned to stay at the campground.
Authorities searched the campground and could not find any sign of Rodni or her vehicle.
After 10 days of searching with nearly 18 different agencies, authorities announced that they were going to scale back their search.
Adventures With Purpose arrived early Saturday and conducted their own search.
The six-man volunteer dive team used sonar equipment and searched several nearby lakes including Donner Lake and Boca Reservoir before they discovered Rodni upside down in her car in Prosser Creek Reservoir.
The group then contacted the police department.