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Viral Video Shows Mike Tyson Punching Passenger on Flight to Florida

This might be a case where we are actually on the side of the celebrity!

According to reports, the events that led up to the beat down included the passenger repeatedly pestering the former champ and acting like a belligerent drunk.

Witnesses say that Tyson kindly asked the man to leave him a lone numerous times before taking matters into his own hands…so to speak.

Here’s what happened onboard a JetBlue flight from San Francisco to Florida.
While sitting at the gate Mike Tyson was seen punching another man who had been harassing the boxing legend and threw a water bottle at him.
Tyson got off the plane and San Francisco Police are confirming it detained both involved.
The man’s face was bloodied and required medical attention but he did not cooperate with police.
Everybody was allowed to go.
Now the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department is investigating what happened onboard.