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Viral TikTok exposes male college students joking about rape

France Radicals on the Radar
Books sit on shelves at the library of the MHS, Meo High School private college is pictured in Paris on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021. It was secular and co-educational but allowed female Muslim students to wear headscarves in class, forbidden in public schools, and to pray during breaks. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

(OHIO) – A college tech student secretly recorded a disturbing conversation amongst a group of male students during a lecture.

The recording captures talk of the students’ hateful misogyny and admiration of ‘rape culture’, while the ‘only girl in the tech class’, Kirsten, was left wide-eyed and fearful.

Kirsten initially posted the video July 2021 to the social platform TikTok, but the audio was removed. She re-uploaded the video once again this week, and it quickly went viral. 

One male student says: “No matter how big or small your d*** is, they can’t feel it either way.” The intent of the conversation becomes clear.
A classmate responds: “Or you can just find one that doesn’t talk and when you ask them for consent, they’d say yes every-time.”
“Or a blind one, so they don’t know where you’re at.”
“Are you saying silence is consent?”
“If they’re knocked out, it’s consent.”
TikTok users expressed outrage and concern over the video.
“The fear in your eyes when you realized you’re surrounded by predators, I’m so sorry.”
“These are the same men screaming “not all men!” When someone gets called out for SA(sexual assault).”
“Someone get this woman a lawyer NOW.”
Following the outburst of support and frenzy due to the resurfacing of the video, Kirsten updated her situation in the comment section Tuesday: “The housing department has given me 24 hours to move all of my things to another dorm across campus. This school does not care about us – I was mocked at and laughed at.”
It is unknown if the university has taken disciplinary measures towards the students guilty of making the appalling comments.
Staff Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to the story.