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VIDEO: Taco Bell manager throws boiling water onto customers

(DALLAS, TEXAS) – Things got ‘Flamin Hot’ at a Dallas Taco Bell, and now an employee is in hot water.

A manager of the fast food restaurant is being sued for throwing boiling water onto 2 women after they complained about receiving the wrong order.

The women are now seeking $1 million in damages after the incident, which occurred on June 17, caused ‘permanent skin damage’ and a ‘lifelong change to their appearance’, according to sources.

The complainants, Brittany Davis and her niece, referred in the lawsuit as C.T., are being represented by civil rights lawyers, Paul Grinke and Ben Crump.

Crump stated that after Davis and C.T. made an order worth approximately $30, they complained to staff after receiving the incorrect order three times. Employees then allegedly locked them in the restaurant to sort the issue.

Security footage shows the pair walking behind the counter to confront staff about the order, while an employee is seen filling up a bucket of boiling hot water.

The employee then walks towards the counter and hurls the water at the pair. Steam is shown rising from the impact.

She returns to the kitchen and fills the bucket again with hot water with the intent of causing more harm towards the two women.

The footage then shows Davis and C.T. running away from the scene.

According to the lawsuit, C.T’s injuries are so extreme that her mother removed all mirrors from their house because she ‘can’t bear to see her own face.’

“The actions of Taco bell employees and management in this incident were callous, outrageous, and inexcusable” said attorneys Crump and Grinke. “Brittany and C.T. barely escaped this nightmare of an establishment with their lives and will have to live with the damage done here forever.”

Staff Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to the story.