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VIDEO: SUV Flies Over Priest’s Car During High-Speed Crash

(MILFORD, OHIO) – Video captures an SUV flying over a priest’s vehicle in a high-speed crash in Milford, Ohio.

Father John Bok, 87, was on his way to celebrate Mass on the feast of the Guardian Angels when the incident occurred. The driver of the SUV is said to have experienced a seizure and lost control of the vehicle.

Father John had no idea what happened until a police officer showed him the surveillance video after church. Father John said he is blind in his left eye and wears hearing aids, so he was unaware of his near-death experience until hours later.

After analyzing the video, he says the driver hit the pole so perfectly that it sprung him up in the air like a pole vaulter.

The driver of the SUV was admitted to a hospital and is expected to recover, authorities said.