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Video Shows Orlando Publix Shopper Pointing Gun at Man Inside Store

Police in Orlando are trying to identify a man who reportedly pointed a gun at another person inside a Publix store.

The police department tweeted video that shows two men having an argument in the deli section last Saturday.

One of the men, who is wearing a mask and gloves, is then seen puling out a handgun and pointing it as if he is preparing to shoot.

The incident sent shoppers and employees running for cover, before the man with gun walked away and put the firearm back in its holster.

The victim, identified as Jerry Reboletto, says the gunman had been complaining about the waiting time to get his items.

“He was saying, ‘Why is it taking so long and blah blah blah.’ He just started staring at me,” Reboletto said. “I took my glasses off and I said, ‘Do we know each other?’”

Police add the gunman was shopping for Mother’s Day gifts before the encounter. Video shows him moving around the store with large balloons inside his cart.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Orlando police or the Central Florida Crime Line at (800)423-TIPS.