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Video shows officer punching woman trying to stop arrest

Video showing a New York City police officer punching a woman in the face has gone viral.
The incident occurred on Aug. 30 in front of a precinct in Harlem.
Authorities say they were in the process of arresting an attempted murder suspect when they were surrounded by a group trying to stop the arrest.
Officials say “multiple individuals on scene interfered by physically assaulting numerous officers. One officer sustained a minor injury to the head.”
In the video, the woman identified as Tamani Crum is seen confronting one of the officers off camera. The officer, Kendo Kinsey, pushes her away from the crowd and Cram can be seen reaching out to push the officer back.
The officer then punches Cram in the face, causing her to fall to the floor.
Cram is then lifted from the ground by the officer who struck her and another officer and placed into handcuffs.
Cram is facing several charges including assaulting an officer.
The officer in the video has not been disciplined according to NYPD officials.
Several groups including the National Action Network, are asking for the officer to be held accountable:
“Records now public under a landmark 2020 law show Kinsey has had at least six complaints in the last 11 years, two of which have been substantiated,” the group said.