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Video shows officer blocking pregnant woman from entering emergency room

Pregnant Baby Mother
(AP Photo/Teresa Crawford, File)

A Miami couple is asking for a Miami-Dade police officer to be held accountable after the officer purposely delayed their trip to an emergency room.
Kevin Enciso and his pregnant wife Sabrina Enciso rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s West Campus on July 28th after she began having pains.
Sabrina reported that she’d been involved in a car accident the day prior, and her doctor advised her to go to the emergency room if she started to feel any pain.
When the couple drove up to the hospital, they became stuck behind a police cruiser that was parked at a stop sign.
Kevin told reporters that he honked once to let the officer know that they were behind him.
The officer, however, stayed planted at the stop sign. Kevin says he honked again after several minutes and that’s when the officer turned the situation into a traffic stop.
In the video, you can see the officer questioning the couple before telling Kevin to get out of the car.
The officer then turned the vehicle office while Sabrina was sitting inside.
The couple got into a confrontation with the officer who refused to let them pass to go to the emergency room.
The officer eventually called fire rescue to check out the woman despite the couple being just yards away from the emergency door.
She was eventually able to go to the emergency room when fire rescue officials informed the officer that her blood pressure was extremely high and that it could be fatal to the baby.
The couple says they were admitted to the hospital for several hours before they were allowed to go home.
The Miami-Dade Police department says they are aware of the video and have launched an internal affairs investigation.