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Video shows murder suspect escape from Florida jail in 26 seconds

A Florida inmate, 25-year old Cody Jondreau, wanted for allegedly killing his 9-week old son in Ohio, escaped from the Pinellas County jail by scaling the wall surrounding the recreation area.
It was the first escape from the Pinellas County jail in 25 years and it took only 26 seconds.
The escapee got sliced up from the razor wire, but managed to escape in record time. The Pinellas County Sheriff, Bob Gaultieri says Jondreau’s plan was to take an Uber to Panama.
The elusive jail bird was eventually captured, Tasered and stitched up. Florida officials will not charge him for the escape, they just want to ship him back to Ohio where he will face first degree murder charges.
The Sheriff says his men are also investigating how the murder suspect managed the escape so they can prevent it from happening again.