Video Shows Miami Beach Officer Punching Suspect

Police officers work behind police tape (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Cellphone video showing an officer punching a 21-year-old while arresting him is sparking controversy.

The incident occurred Friday near Ninth Street and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.

According to the report, police stated that Jaylan Greene who is on spring break from Michigan was drunk and reportedly reached for the officers waistband during the arrest. That prompted the officer to punch Greene several times.

Cellphone video shows two officers tackle Greene to the ground while one officer holds him by the neck and the other attempts to put the 21-year-old who is squirming around into handcuffs. At one point one of the officers begins to punch Greene several times, however, from the angle of the video it is hard to what exactly occurred between Greene and the officer.

The police department has since released at statement regarding the officers actions:

“Based on our preliminary review of the use of force, the officers’ actions were appropriate given the circumstances. It should also be noted that the defendant, after being released from jail, met with the arresting officer and apologized for his actions.”

Greene was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer. He has since bonded out of jail.



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