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Video shows Amazon delivery driver getting robbed at gunpoint in Orlando

(ORLANDO, FL)- Police released dashboard camera video showing a Amazon delivery driver getting robbed at gunpoint.

The incident took place on Jan. 13 in Orange County, according to the sheriff’s office.

Investigators said the driver was parked at an apartment complex and delivering packages when two men were waiting for him when he got back to the truck. The suspects were identified as Arkimase Divinard, 22, and Joel Aime, 23.

In the footage, one of the suspects is seen holding a gun to the driver’s neck. Deputies said they made the driver give up his cellphone and wallet before the two men escaped with a number of packages.

The driver was not hurt.

The suspects were arrested in connection to the attack.

Divinard and Aime are facing charges of robbery with a firearm.

The sheriff’s office said the two suspects have a long criminal record. Between the two, they have 85 felony charges and 11 convictions.