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Video: Shark jumps out of water; bites parasailer

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(AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)

Officials in Aqaba, Jordon are reporting that a parasailer was injured after a shark leaped out of the water and latched on to the sailor’s foot. The incident took place last Friday in the Gulf of Aqaba. Video shows two people in a parasail, hovering just above the sea’s surface when a shark suddenly jumps out of the water and bites down on one of the sailor’s feet.

The 37-year-old victim was rushed to Prince Hashem Military Hospital where he underwent an operation on his right foot. Officials are reporting that lost part his foot and suffered severed tendons, torn muscles and broken bones. He is currently listed in stable condition. Authorities say while shark sightings in the Aqaba region are very rare, there are all different types of sharks in seas everywhere. “Sharks are found in all the seas of the world, and in the Red Sea there are many types of sharks, but their presence in the Aqaba region is very rare,” Mohammed Khalil Al Zabada of the College of Marine Sciences, told Gulf News.  It is unclear what kind of shark was involved in the attack.