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Video reportedly shows assistant principal shoving teen

The parents of a 13-year-old girl are outraged after video showed her school’s assistant principal violently shoving the teen.

The incident occurred on Wednesday in the cafeteria of Olsen Middle School in Dania Beach.

It was reported that the teen had been involved in a heated argument with another student when the staffer attempted to de-escalate the situation.

The teen was said to have ended up on the floor.

“My heart just sunk watching that, seeing because she’s defenseless,” Shardea Thomas, the teen’s mother said. “It’s just a lot of emotions. Of course, there’s anger, and it’s just a lot of questions.”

Thomas also reported that it was her daughter’s friend who alerted her to the situation and not the school.

The Broward Country School District sent a response to Local 10 News stating that they are investigating the incident:

“Olsen Middle School and the District take all matters involving student safety seriously.  A staff member, who attempted to deescalate a physical confrontation between two students in the cafeteria today, Wednesday, March 9, is being investigated by school and District administration, as well as the District’s Special Investigative Unit, for the actions taken. The employee is being reassigned away from the school and students to an administrative location pending the outcome of this investigation.”