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VIDEO: Nail-biting moment helicopter carrying Brazilian politicians crashes

(BRAZIL) — Footage captured a helicopter hitting a cable line and plunging to the ground in Brazil while carrying a deputy mayor, campaign press secretary, pilot, and federal deputy, according to reports.

Minas Gerais federal deputy Hercílio Diniz, deputy mayor David Barraso, campaign press secretary Luciano Viana, and pilot Fabiano Rufino all miraculously survived the accident after the helicopter crashed into the ground and bursted into flames.

The crash was captured by various spectators on the ground, as seen in the video.

All four passengers survived the accident and were transported to a medical facility for treatment, according to Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

A witness captured 3 of the passengers being placed and taken away on a stretcher.

Rufino was injured with a collapsed lung and Barroso experienced fractured ribs, while Viana and Diniz experienced minor injuries.

The Fire Department stated the pilot lost control of the aircraft before hitting a power line, and the crash sparked a fire that spread across the area, according to authorities.