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VIDEO: Mother of Biden Sex Assault Accuser Calls Larry King in 1993

A video has emerged from 1993 in which an accuser’s mother appears to allude to her daughter’s claim of sexual assault by then Senator Joe Biden. “The video of Tara Reade’s late mother calling into Larry King to blow the whistle about about [sic] Tara’s sexual assault is being met with relative silence from a cadre of progressives right now and I want you all to know that I see you,” former Bernie Sanders senior adviser Winnie Wong tweeted. “We all do.”

Tara Reade, a staffer for Biden in 1993 who has claimed he sexually assaulted her, told Fox News on Friday that it was her mother who called into “Larry King Live” in the resurfaced clip and alluded to her daughter’s experience on Capitol Hill. Biden’s presidential campaign has adamantly denied Reade’s claims, but the video is likely to be cited as evidence to show that Reade made her claims known to members of her family at the time. The Intercept on Friday first reported the transcript on the Aug. 11, 1993 broadcast, where the woman — who does not mention sexual assault, or the specific details of Reade’s claim — asks a question to the panel. The clip was later found and published by Newsbusters. Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential election.