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Video: Man tries to kidnap barista from drive-thru window

Auburn WA Police Dept
Auburn WA Police Dept

Auburn, WA– Police in Auburn Washington are searching for a man who attempted to kidnap a woman through the drive-thru window at her job.
The incident occurred just after 5 a.m. on Monday.
Surveillance video shows the victim handing the suspect cash through the window.
Once the victim’s hand was close enough, the suspect grabbed her by the wrist and attempted to pull her through the window while also attempting to put a loosened zip tie device around her neck.
The victim was able to fight free from the suspect’s grip and the suspect drove off.
Authorities say the suspect was driving a dark grey pickup truck.
Officials also believe the suspect has a unique tattoo on his left forearm that appears to say “Chevrolet.”
Anyone who believes they have any information about this incident is asked to contact Auburn Police Department on their Tip Line at 253-288-7403.