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VIDEO: Load of Bull-ocks; Raging bull rams into crowd at Florida State Fairgrounds

(TAMPA, FLA) – Let’s just say, he called bull…

A viral video shows the shocking moment an enraged bull broke free from the fence of a rodeo Saturday and charged towards a crowd of bystanders.

The pandemonium broke loose at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

The bull is seen knocking over a fence and entering the bleachers of the auditorium, causing a crowd to disperse and erupt into chaos.

Just before the bull caused more bollocks on the opposite section of the bleachers, a daringly heroic cowboy saved the day.

The bull was lassoed, restrained, and returned safely to the Fairgrounds.

The crowd erupted into applause after witnessing the cowboy’s effort.

Media goers took to social platforms to express gratitude towards the buckaroo:

“That cowboy must feel like national treasure,” one user wrote on YouTube. “I live in in the UK where the equivalent would be a really well made cup of tea and where the announcer would have actually sounded calm.”

There were reportedly no injuries, according to sources.