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VIDEO: Hallway footage shows Uvalde officers stalling

(UVALDE) — Leaked surveillance video from inside Robb Elementary School that shows cops, who arrived 3 minutes after shooting started, waited 77 minutes to take out the shooter.

Video from ABC affiliate KVUE shows heavily armed law enforcement officers waiting for orders as 19 children and two teachers were under attack in a classroom only steps away.

Unfortunately, parents and family members of victims lost in the mass shooting were not given an advance viewing of the video before it was leaked.

The May 24th footage is from security cameras outside the school and inside the hallways, bodycam video from one of the responding officers, cellphone video and 911 audio, which were all edited together.

The school district released a statement:

“The footage is heartbreaking and we are deeply dismayed that the families that lost loved ones were not given the opportunity they deserve to view it privately before it was shared publicly,” the district said.

“We continue to await the results of the ongoing investigation so that we, along with districts across the state and nation, can take informed action to enhance our ability to prevent future tragedies.”

The video also shows the first up-close images of the 18-year-old mass shooter, who calmly walks through a school hallway dressed in black, toting an AR-15 rifle.



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Most disturbing is video of a young student taking a peak at the shooter from around a corner before running for his life.