VIDEO: Florida in Ruins As Deadly “Michael” Heads to the Carolinas

Tropical Storm Michael is headed toward the Carolinas after it left Mexico Beach on the Florida Panhandle in ruins.
Video captured the devastation in this flyover.

Already wrecked by devastating flooding from Hurricane Florence, the Carolinas are now waiting for the remnants of Hurricane Michael.
Michael was one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the U.S. when it came ashore Wednesday in the Florida Panhandle, unleashing torrential rain, overwhelming winds and leaving behind massive destruction. The storm even knocked over a train.

Six deaths so far have been confirmed in connection to the storm.
Michael roared on shore near Mexico Beach around noon yesterday as a strong Cat. 4.

Michael could bring up to nine inches of rain in some parts of North Carolina and Virginia as it makes its way out to the Atlantic.
The storm system continues to have the potential to bring winds, flooding and tornadoes.




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