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VIDEO: Florida deputy ‘slaughters’ armed man just after brother’s death

(ORANGE COUNTY, FLA) – New released footage shows the disturbing moment a deputy officer fatally shot an armed man just after his brother was killed at a parking lot outside the Heritage Hotel in Orlando, according to sources.

The footage released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department shows the altercation that occurred August 6.

Dylan Jimenez, 21, was gunned down following an apparent ‘gunfight’ with another man before officers arrived to the scene.

Jimenez was left bleeding to death in the parking lot prior to the arrival of his brother Bryan Richardson, 28.

As bystanders attempted to aid Jimenez, Richardson appeared to be distressed and shattered over his brother’s condition.

An officer noticed the handgun possessed by Richardson, and proceeded to draw his weapon and point it towards him.

In the video, the armed man is shown giving up his weapon to a female officer and appears to have no violent intentions.

The deputy officer proceeded to fatally shoot the man eight times.

Richardson and Jimenez were pronounced dead at the scene.

The release of the controversial footage follows after an extensive investigation surrounding whether the officer ‘had reason’ to kill Richardson, according to reports.

The deputy officer was placed on ‘temporary paid administrative leave.’