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Video: Florida Anti-Maskers Lose it

Face masks are mandatory in public in Palm Beach County now and some are now arguing that face masks infringe on their rights.
Anti-maskers in Florida are warning of satanism, pedophilia, and even death if public health policies are enforced.
They accuse city leaders of communist dictatorship orders, just like Cuba and accuse say mandating a mask is a crime against humanity.
Some say they will do a citizens’ arrest on anyone who mandates them to wear a mask, which they say will kill them.
Or you will be punished by God, because you can’t escape God.
One woman said all the board members should be locked up in a psych-ward.

Things gotta breathe
‘I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t wear underwear: Things gotta breathe.’
One woman says she has not worn a mask yet and she will not wear one unless she is held down and a mask is physically placed on her face.

Governor DeSantis is being slammed for not making masks mandatory statewide with some demanding his resignation.