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VIDEO: 11 cars engulfed in flames at Hard Rock Stadium parking lot

(MIAMI GARDENS, FLA) – Here’s one way to get people to stop tailgating…

Spectators captured the shocking moment 11 cars completely demolished into flames during a Dolphins and Patriots game at a parking lot outside of Hard Rock Stadium Sunday afternoon, according to sources.

Authorities discovered the fire broke out when someone left a hot grill under a car, causing the vehicle to catch fire that quickly engulfed surrounding cars.

Videos and images of the scene display giant clouds of black smoke rising from the parking lot.


The fire broke out just before the football game began.

Onlookers within the stadium witnessed the rising black smoke, and could hear the sound of ‘tires exploding.’

It took firefighters more than 30 minutes to extinguish the fire that decimated the vehicles, according to WSVN.

The ‘tailgate-gone-wrong’ was labeled a mishap, and no injuries were reported.