Victim of Martin County Alligator Attack Found

alligator (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)

Martin County Fire rescuers found the person bit by an alligator on Saturday.

The victim identified as 46-year-old James Bryce was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment.

Rescuers found Bryce, who was initially missing after an hour-long search.

The FWC says an alligator bit Bryce on his right leg while he was hunting on the reserve with his wife.

He is not facing life-threatening injuries.

Martin County Fire Rescuers are searching for a person who was attacked by an alligator on Saturday.

A Martin County Spokesperson said rescuers were dispatched to DuPuis reserve after receiving a call about a nearby alligator attack.

The condition of the person is unknown at this time.

The DuPuis Management Area is a 21,875-acre multi-use natural area located in northwestern Palm Beach and southwestern Martin counties.

The property is interspersed with numerous ponds, wet prairies, cypress domes, pine flatwoods, and remnant Everglades marsh.

It is unclear why the person was in the reserve, but the area is known for recreational activities such as hunting, camping, hiking, and fishing.

No other information is available at this time.