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Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested for Misconduct, Grand Theft

Deputies with the Broward Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday they have arrested one of their own on charges of grand theft, official misconduct, and obtaining property under $20,000 by fraud. According to investigators with the BSO”s Public Corruption Unit, Det. Luis Silberberg falsified overtime forms seven times and lied more than 50 times about working a full shift when records showed he did not, thereby defrauding the sheriff’s office out of more than $15,000.

Officials say Silberberg claimed he had worked a regular shift and an overtime shift on the same day, when he only actually worked the overtime shift. The 16-month investigation also revealed the deputy said he worked a full day.

However, records show he either did not leave his home, or worked part of his shift before returning home. Ultimately, investigators found 57 occasions on which Silberberg claimed to have worked the entire day, when records showed he had been at home for some or all of those shifts. BSO’s investigation found that over four months at the end of last year, Silberberg was overcompensated $15,540 for 368 regular hours and 16 overtime hours that he falsely claimed to have worked. He was arrested Thursday afternoon at BSO’s Public Safety Building. Silberberg has been suspended without pay. He had already been suspended with pay since February until Thursday’s arrest. He was hired by the sheriff’s office in 2006, when he initially worked as a detective in the robbery unit.