Vacationing 6-Year-Old Twins Save Girl from Drowning in Florida

(AP hoto/Matthias Rietschel)

Twin 6-year-old brothers vacationing with their family in the Sunshine State are being credited with saving a 3-year-old girl from drowning last week.

Peyton and Bryant Switzer, from Bowling Green, Ohio, were enjoying a swim when they saw the girl’s head go under water. That is when they knew she was in distress, the boys told a TV station.

According to Bryant, “She jumped in and Peyton jumped in and put her arm around her and then he bring (sic) her to the ladder and I helped her out.”

The twins’ stepfather, D.J. Deiter, told the TV station, “You know it’s very rewarding to know that some of the things they are involved with just became an instinct to them. So being in the swimming lessons and Safety Town they recognized that the little girl was in trouble right away.”



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