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US Army to halt basic training

The U.S Army says it will briefly stop sending new recruits to basic training in an effort to slowdown the occurrence of the coronavirus in the military.

The announcement was made Monday despite the Pentagon’s fears that the decision could potentially affect their ability to field forces for months or even years to come.

The decision comes after military officials came under criticism for their slow response to the coronavirus threat in the military and for not testing incoming troops and trainees.

Gen. Paul Funk who is the Commander of the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, told reporters that the pause on new recruits would last two weeks. At that point, the decision will be reassessed and officials will determine whether to began sending the new recruits to basic training or to continue with the pause.

“It’s actually going to be conditions-based,” Funk said. ” The first set is two weeks, and we’re  going to continue to assess the environment and go from there.”

Funk also maintained that the pause would not affect soldiers already enrolled in the various levels of basic training. Drill instructors will continue to train those soldiers while initiating social distancing practices.

Troops who then complete basic training will wait two weeks, in which time they will be monitored for symptoms before moving on to their next assignment.