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UPDATE: Texas doctor arrested for allegedly spiking IV bags

(PLANO, TX) – Dr. Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr, a former anesthesiologist at Baylor Scott and White Surgicare North Dallas, was arrested Wednesday by Dallas Police after surveillance footage showed the doctor interfering with IV bags, causing the death of a physician and innumerable health complications of patients, according to reports.

Ortiz is expected to enter a plea after being charged with tampering with a consumer product and intentionally adulterating drugs, and could possibly face life in prison.

“Ortiz was seen on surveillance footage depositing single IV bags into a warmer in the hall outside operating rooms,” said the Texas Medical Board during an emergency meeting. “Investigators found when he put a bag in the warmer, a patient would suffer serious complications shortly after.”

The medical board claims the IV bags were discovered with “visible tiny holes in the plastic wrap around the bags.” Further tests on the bags evidently showed they contained the anesthetic bupivacaine.

Authorities are currently investigating Ortiz’s connection to Dr. Melanie Kaspar’s death on June 21.

“A fellow physician – took an IV bag home with her when she was ill to rehydrate,” the board stated. “She inserted the IV into her vein and almost immediately had a serious cardiac event and died.”

The board also investigates an incident two months after Dr. Kaspar’s death involving a healthy 18-year-old boy, after he experienced a near fatal heart attack when hooked to an IV bag handled by Ortiz.

‘Tests were also run on the remaining contents from an IV bag given to an otherwise healthy patient who had a heart attack during a routine surgery,” the report said. “The tests indicated the IV fluid contained drugs that could and would be fatal when given intravenously.”

Ortiz told CBS 11 he was ‘unaware’ of the investigation, saying “I’m just devastated” and claiming innocence.