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UPDATE: Naked Delray Beach woman rescued from storm drain identified


The mystery behind how a naked woman ended up trapped inside an 8-foot-deep storm drain in Delray beach may be solved. She tells Delray Beach Police that it all started miles away at a canal where she crawled into a trap door, gained access to a tunnel and started wandering the sewer system.
woman in sewer
Police identified the woman as 43-year-old Lyndsey Jane Kennedy of Delray Beach, who had been reported missing by her boyfriend on March 3.
Delray Beach police aren’t sure about the story, but the sewer system is connected to the canal. The woman is out of the hospital today.

Original story:
A Delray Beach Fire Rescue special operations team pulled a naked woman out of an 8-foot-deep storm drain Tuesday morning.

Lyndsey Jane Kennedy, 43, of Delray Beach had been missing for three weeks before she was found.
woman in drain
Delray Beach Fire Rescue spokeswoman Dani Moschella said the woman was stuck in a storm drain along Southwest 11th Avenue, just a few feet south of Atlantic Avenue.
woman yelling
A passerby heard the woman in the storm drain and called 911 just before 9 a.m., Moschella said.

Rescuers removed the drain’s grate and used a ladder and harness to lift her out.
She was naked, dirty, exhausted and had a few cuts and scrapes so she was taken to Delray Medical Center for further evaluation.
Kennedy was reportedly swimming behind her boyfriend’s West Delray Beach home on March 3 when she went into a tunnel in a shallow area of the canal and ended up becoming disoriented.
She claims she was in the tunnel system for three weeks before she was able to get the attention of a passerby on 11th Avenue.
Police say Kennedy has a history of mental illness and drug use.