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Update: Body of Florida mother who vanished during custody exchange with ex found

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The body of a Florida mother who went missing after meeting her ex-husband to exchange custody of their 4-year-old, has been found.

37-year-old Cassie Carli’s body was located over the weekend in a “shallow grave” at a barn in Alabama.

Carli was reported missing on March 27th in Navarre Beach, Florida after going to meet Marcus Spanevelo at a restaurant for the exchange.

Family members of Carli’s told police that they received text messages from Carli’s phone hours after she was scheduled to meet Spanevelo, stating that she was having car and phone problems.

They then contacted police a day later after they still could not get in touch with her.

Investigators eventually located her vehicle and her purse on Tuesday on a “boat overflow ramp,”  near the restaurant but Carli remained missing.

Carli and Spanevelo’s daughter was then discovered a day later with Spanevelo in Alabama.

When they questioned Spanevelo about Carli’s disappearance, he told them that Carli went to her best friend’s house, however, Carli’s bestfriend told authorities that she had not seen or heard from Carli since she went to meet Spanevelo.

“He was totally uncooperative, he never cooperated at all with us,” Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson told reporters in a press conference.

Authorities then executed a search warrant on a property in Alabama on Saturday where they located Carli’s body:

“We discovered her body while executing a search warrant in Alabama. It was in a barn, in a shallow grave,”  Johnson told reporters.

Spanevelo was then arrested in Lebanon, Tennessee, by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Officials have not revealed what led them to the property but did report that it was linked to Spanevelo in a “roundabout way. ”

Spanevelo has since been arrested and is being held in Tennessee on charges of tampering with evidence, giving false information concerning a missing persons investigation and destruction of evidence, the sheriff’s office said.

Carli’s autopsy is scheduled for Monday in Alabama.

Authorities have confirmed that the 4-year-old is in the custody of family members.