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Unvaccinated NYPD officers to be fired this month

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According to sources close to the NYPD unvaccinated NYPD officers will reportedly be fired this month.

A memo sent to NYPD sergeants by Sergeants Benevolent Association president Vincent Vallelong reportedly stated that those who have not received the COVID vaccinations have until Feb. 11 to comply or face termination.

Employees who did not have their vaccinations or who did not show their departments their vaccine card, were been placed on unpaid leave on November first after a state wide mandate, however, they were still considered employees.

Authorities reported that the memo does not apply to those who have been granted a religious or medical exemption or to those who are waiting for their accommodation appeal to be approved.

Those who fall under the above, however, must continue to undergo weekly COVID testing.

The Police Benevolent Association attempted to sue the city in order prevent the order from going through, however, a state Supreme Court judge refused to block the order:

“Every avenue has been exhausted by Law Enforcement and others across the country in the courts, we have lost at every turn,” Vallelong wrote in the email blast. “With this in mind, I ask you to take the proper steps to ensure that whatever decision you make is best for you and your families.”

The Police Benevolent Association is said to represent about 24,000 NYPD officers.