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Unknown driver abandons several dogs in Martin County

Martin County Sheriff's Office
Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Martin County, FL — The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is commending the efforts of their Animal Services Officers who have been working to recover several dogs that were abandoned on a large parcel of land last week.
Authorities say they received a call about a driver who pulled over on the side of a two-lane road Sunday and pushed several dogs from the vehicle.
The caller reported that at least four dogs were abandoned in the area but there could have been more.
After receiving the report, Animal Service Officers Amanda Heffron, Tabitha Queen, Shannon McGee, and Supervisor -Officer Karen Kneubehl spend countless hours in search of the animals. One of the dogs was rescued by a motorist and another dog was rescued by the MSCO officers.
A third dog was unfortunately struck by a vehicle and did not survive.
Authorities are continuing to search the area but have withheld the location due to fear that well-meaning citizens may put themselves in harm’s way attempting to search for the animals.
Officials are asking the public to contact them if they know someone who left their home with several dogs but returned without them.