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Undocumented immigrants reportedly burglarized home

Indian River County Police
Indian River County Police

Two undocumented immigrants have been arrested after they were caught burglarizing a home that was under construction.
The incident was reported on Oct. 5 according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.
Authorities say a witness contacted them after noticing two people wandering around a home that was in the process of being built and loading equipment from the home into a truck.
Both the Charlotte and Indian River County police departments arrived on the scene and used a K9 to track the men.
The K9 immediately located the suspects hiding in a nearby wood line.
The suspects have been identified as 20-year-old Odilio Miranda and 16-year-old Donis Andi Miranda-Dionincio and were said to live in Orlando, but drove to the area in search of properties under construction.
Both men were charged with burglary of a structure during a state of emergency, and grand theft during a state of emergency.
Miranda-Dionincio received an additional charge of battery on a police dog after repeatedly kicking the K9 in an effort to flee the scene.
According to the report, the home that the men were stealing from was a Habitat for Humanity residence.
Authorities also reported that they contacted the US Border Patrol after realizing that the men are undocumented immigrants from Central America.