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Ukraine officials identify suspects in killing of village mayor

Ukraine Invasion
(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Eight Russian service members and mercenaries have been identified as being responisible for the murder of the mayor of a villaige outside of Kyiv, along with her husband and son. The mayor and her family were discovered partialy buried in a shallow grave shortly after Russian forces retreated from the Kyiv.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times report that eight Russian soldiers and mercenaries were charged, on Tuesday, for the murder of the mayor of a small village outside of Kyiv and her family.

Ukraine’s prosecutor general said the mayor, Olha Sukhenko, along with her husband and son was found with dirt barely covering their bodies in their hometown of Motyzhyn.

The Ukrainian prosecutor general, Irina Venediktova, said that those responsible were five russian soldiers and three members of a para-military operative organization known as the Wagner Group.

This group of combatants consisted of two lieutenants and three sergeants from the 37th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, with three soldiers of fortune employed by the Wagner Group.

According to witnesses, the group of men kidnapped the mayor and her family before ruthlessly gunning them down.

The faces and names of the alleged war criminals can be found here.