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UAP Podcast: Underground Bases And The Dulce War

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This week’s UAP podcast with Stephen Diener and Karen Curtis features Philip Schneider, a US government geologist and engineer, who was involved in the construction of Deep Underground Military Bases, known as DUMBS.

Schneider claimed to be one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys and US intelligence and military at the Dulce underground base in New Mexico. Even though he suffered multiple gunshot wounds and lost several fingers from an alien laser burst, he survived only to be found dead January 1996 from to what appears to be an execution style murder. His body was found in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck.

According to sources, it appeared that he repeatedly suffered torture before he was finally killed. Seven months prior to his death, Schneider gave a lecture on the forces he had discovered at Dulce.
Listen to portions of his last known public address here on UAP.

UAP EP 6: Underground Bases And The Dulce War