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UAP Podcast: Photographic evidence of pilot UFO sightings

Many commercial and military pilots report seeing strange crafts flying in the air over the United States. Many were afraid to speak up until now. The US Government has basically confirmed the existence of UFO’s. One of the most interesting airline pilot sighting of a UFO backed up by radar was by a Japanese cargo airline pilot who saw a mothership 4 times bigger than an aircraft carrier…causing turbulence.

Iranian fighter pilots were scrambled three times over the years for strange alien crafts flying over Tehran.

In fact, one fighter pilot was shot out of the sky, his plane exploded.

And, many thought mechanics who reported a disc flying over gate C-17 at Chicago O’Hare Airport were crazy. But they snapped a photo!

UFO O'Hare
Photo taken by a United Airlines mechanic at Gate C-17, Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Listen to UAP with Stephen and Karen on what the pilots saw here.

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