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UAP EP 38: Celebrity Close Encounters – Did Aliens Show Elvis His Future?

Exchange-Elvis Memorabilia
FILE – This 1972 file photo shows Elvis Presley, the King of Rock “n” Roll, during a performance. At one of three concerts at the Monroe Civic Center in 1974, Elvis Presley gave one of his necklaces to a local 5-year-old. A documentary from Elvis historian and fan Bud Glass traces how the King of Rock ’N Roll traces the history of the piece. (AP Photo/File)

It’s not just some random people, celebrities have alien sightings too! And for some, it was much more than just a mysterious light in the sky. We have unbelievable stories from Jackie Gleason, Aaron Rodgers, David Bowie, and more. Including, yes, Elvis. This shocked even us…

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In the meantime, here’s the picture of Jackie Gleason’s “flying saucer” house that we referred to in this episode.

Jackie Gleason House

You think he was just a little intrigued with the idea of aliens?