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UAP EP 34: Nazis, Russians, & Aliens, Oh My!

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Did the Nazis have an interdimensional teleportation machine? How does a 16-year-old get taken by an alien robot? And what in the world did these Russian divers discover in the deepest freshwater lake on the planet?! Three of the divers died! We discover all this and more and find out what kind of interstellar secrets the Nazis and Russians could have been hiding this whole time.

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And as you do, follow along with our visual aid to show you some of the things that we refer to in this episode.

Here’s a picture of what Die Glocke aka the Nazi Bell, could have looked like according to the descriptions.

Die Glocke

The Nazis didn’t stop there. They even reportedly made their own flying saucer!

Nazi UFO

And then we have “Die Glocke Henge”. Could this have been a pad that would allow it to take off? Or is there a more simple explanation for this structure that still stands in Poland?

Die Glocke Henge

Here’s the Prince Rupert Teardrop that we spoke about during our factoid. So weird!

Prince Rupert Drop

And finally, here is an artist representation of the “swimmers of Baikal” that supposedly killed 3 Russian divers!

Lake Baikal Swimmers


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