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UAP EP 31: UFO & Alien Hotspots

tree palm weather Hurricane or tropical storm wind buffeting palm trees

Have you ever seen a UFO or an alien? Ever wonder where they always show up? Well, in this episode we’ll tell you all of that and more as we dive into some of the most prolific sighting hotspots around the globe.

As you listen here, you can refer to the pictures and videos below that Diener and Karen mention throughout the episode.



Here’s the video of the UFO that was caught on camera by two Chilean Navy helicopter pilots.


Then, of course, the Atacama Giant. Why did their God look like this? And why build it so big so they could only see it from the sky?!

Atacana Giant 2


Here’s a glance at what it looks like from the ground. Pretty big difference.

Atacana Giant 1


Lastly, here is the UFO sighting video from Miami that went viral just a couple of years ago.


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