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UAP EP 28: Evidence of Real Giants

Giant Statue 2

Could there have been a time when giants walked the earth? Are they still amongst us today? And could there be an otherworldly connection? These are some of the questions that we explore as we look into evidence that Giants were once, and may still be, part of humanity. Listen here or where ever you get your podcasts. https://www.podcastone.com/pd/UAP—Unidentified-Alien-Podcast

As you listen, you can follow along with the pictures below to see some of the things that we refer to.

Such as these very strange-looking giant statues that were found in the Mediterranian from a culture that not many people know anything about.

What’s with these disc-shaped eyes?

Giant Statue 1

And then how about these giant axes?! Who or what could have used these things?

Giant Axes 2

Here’s the picture of the Giant Skeleton of Ozark from 1933. Notice the size difference near a 6-foot man.

Giant Skeleton

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