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UAP EP 27: Ancient Alien Artifacts: Fact or Fiction?

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You’ve heard about ancient aliens before, but we can almost guarantee that you haven’t heard these stories. What do these 9,000-year-old statues really represent? It can’t be humans. And if this supposed ancient Egyptian coin that was found back in 2016 is the real deal, then it will change everything we thought we knew about human history. We explore those riddles and more in this episode of UAP. Listen here…


And as you listen, you can follow along with our visual aid below of the strange artifacts we discuss.

Here’s the picture of the so-called “Cthulhu” tablet.

Cthulhu Tablet


And then the odd and slightly creepy statues of Ain Ghazal.

Ain Ghazal Statues


And lastly, the disputed ancient alien coin from Egypt.

Do you think this could be the real thing?

Alien Coin 1

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