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UAP EP 25: Alien Species and Their Differences

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Have you ever wondered how many different types of aliens could be out there? Well, we go over a whole lot of them here with the help of those who saw them. Even we were shocked by these accounts of abduction and what the victims witnessed.

You can here it all here!


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But, before you do that, take a look at some of the pictures we referred to in the episode.

This first one is an artist rendering of Peter Faust’s abduction account. Notice the classic representation of the “little green men” and what looks like some sort of operating room with numerous “patients” inside. Very eerie.

Peter Faust Aliens


And how about this one from the 1973 Pascagoula abduction case where two men were reportedly taken. This description comes from one of the abductees, Charles Hickson. It has an odd resemblance to a robot doesn’t it? And what’s with those crab like hands?…

Robot Alien 1 Robot alien 2

And finally, this is reportedly what the “Nordics” (on the right) and “Tall Whites” (on the left) look like.

Nordic alien Tall Whites